01April2014 [TRANS] Full Translation on Park YuChun’s Interview from Singles Magazine April 2014 Issue


2SCENE#1 March 15th, the air at 10 o’clock in the morning

The extreme coldness of the month of March made it unbelievable that the temperature was above zero degree. Squeezing myself into my down coat. At the front of one of the buildings in Goyang city. Around 50 staffs and actors were walking around. To get rid of the tiredness and coldness of shooting drama early in the morning, staffs were  wearing 2 layers of down coats. This was the shooting location of SBS drama <Three Days>. It has received a lot of attention since the stage of preparation. It is an action speculative Korean drama with “suspense” genre that is unfamiliar to most of the audience. Shin Kyun Soo director of <Deep Rooted Tree> and scripwriter of <Sign> and <Ghost> are cooperating in this drama. This is the reason why the drama was described as “a drama that can…

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