[FANMADE] Chunsa Army’s 3 Days Special MVs


Hi guys,

Some of you might have seen our music videos, so good for you. haha. Here we compiled the vids we made so far for 3 Days and this post will be updated from time to time whenever we post the new videos.

We made videos based on 3 days episodes for each week, basically Yuchun’s cuts which we find cool and we hope we’ll be able to do it for all the weeks until 3 days finished its airing. Each week has its own theme based on our perception of the episodes for the week.

We hope you guys likes them. Enjoy!

1. Week 1 (5th & 6th March 2014) – Bodyguard Yuchun

Chunsa Army’s 3 Days Special (Week 1) – Bodyguard Yuchun from postcardstoyuchun on Vimeo.

2. Week 2 (12th & 13th March 2014) – Yuchun The Firestarter and The Runaway Man

The Firestarter

Yuchun The…

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29March2014[INFO+VIDEO] “Three Days” is coming to you on ONE!

‘Three  Days’, premieres 2 Apr, Every Wed & Thu @ 8.55pm/7.55(JKT)!

Fasten your seat belts, sit at the edges of your seats! ONE is bringing you ‘Three Days’ right around the corner!

The countdown is on. 5 more days to this thrilling, action packed drama starring charismatic lead,Park Yoochun!!!

Yoochun plays an elite agent that has 3 days to rescue the South Korean President. Will he be able to succeed?

For more info, log on to http://www.onetvasia.com/shows/3-days

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26March2014 [NEWS] JYJ’s Park Yoochun and Son Hyun Joo’s Illusory Acting in ‘Three Days’

Viewers’ reactions to ‘Three Days’ Park Yoochun and Son Hyun Joo’s chemistry are hot.

On March 26, C-JeS Entertainment reported, “Defending the top spot for Wed-Thur dramas, SBS’s Wed-Thur drama ‘Three Days”s Park Yoochun and Son Hyun Joo displayed illusory acting as bodyguard and President respectively. Their ‘male-male chemistry’ provides another attraction for viewers and is drawing more interests for the drama”. In particular Park Yoochun is demonstrating their warm ‘male-male chemistry’ [T/N: bromance], portraying the realistic image of protecting his convictions as a bodyguard.

1-395796178-55-org.jpg~originalPark Yoochun and Son Hyun Joo’s chemistry continues even outside of the drama. During ‘Three Days’ press conference, Son Hyun Joo said, “Leading by example despite his injury, I thought of Park Yoochun’s image as an actor in the long run” and praised Park Yoochun.

About filming Park Yoochun also said: “I think I can expect a lot to learn from Son Hyun Joo sunbae-nim”; and through…

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