17August2014[TRANS] JYJ Yuchun Can be Dyed in Any Color (Chosun Online)


Appearance in movie “Sea Fog”

[An actor who absorbs everything like a sponge]

This was actor Kim Yoon Seok’a words when appraising co-star JYJ Yuchun (28) in movie [Sea Fog] (released on 13th). Actors in their late 20s to early 30s usually try so hard to highlight their own personalities or aura in just 1 interview. But, Yuchun, like what Kim Yoon Seok said, is “colorless and transparent”, very like a sponge. During the interview, he laughed out loud many times, but never try to decorate his words or forced his opinion and personality on us. Yuchun said, “in the after-production party, I was told by my senior Kim Yoon Seok that I am [like a sponge]. It is not like my acting is good, nor have I been acting for many years, so I don’t know why he praised me in that way”.2

“Maybe because I tried not to…

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