20August2014 [TRANS] Park Yuchun, “Oh, we were surprised by you” – Tenasia interview


Q: The weather seems dark, rain is falling and the sea fog is marching forward.

PYC: I like this kind of weather very much. However, because I am worried about the upcoming concert, I am not able to fully savor the weather. Meanwhile we, the three members gathered together but the time we had to practice was insufficient. Jaejoongie-hyung’s drama, Triangle ended not too long ago, Haemoo for me and Dracula for Junsu. Each of us were busy. On Saturday (August 9) was our concert and there were so many preparations to be done so we were stressed.

Q: There are rather many fans who are going for the concert not because they like you as JYJ Park Yuchun but as actor Park Yuchun.

PYC: While carrying out my acting activities, I see many new faces.There’s a strange difference from the fans previously. The age is slightly different; there were…

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