17Sept2014 [HQ PICS] Heuksando – The journey to Park Yuchun Library second branch by ladyM

Following the first library in Sinan-gun, Jangsan-myun, the second Park Yuchun Library is in Heuksando. The kind hearted members of “Blessing Yuchun” have donated 10, 000, 000 KRW and 6600 books. The 10million KRW was used to modify the book shelves and to buy projecters etc..web_982464959_f4c168a7I was alone during the journey, wearing my earphones, listening to YuChun’s songs. Before my eyes, it was as though I could only see one person on the screen.234Mokpo Port. The journey to Hueksando required 2 hours fastest. Previously I had taken seasick pills. I was feeling a bit solemn.  5Passed by a fishing boat.67The Mokpo Port lighthouse that I saw last year when I was on my way to Jangsan-myun. I felt very happy to be able to see it again.89Tonight YuChun will be performing in Taiwan concert. Do enjoy the blissful moments on stage. I was looking out at the vast…

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