[TRANS] 141003 Summary of Park Yu chun’s Open Talk “Birth of Actor” at BIFF 2014


  • YC was asked what he did last night after arriving in Busan, he said “I really wanted to rest but I talked with Kwak Dowon sunbaenim-about films until dawn while drinking” [TV Daily]
  • YC said he likes comfortable clothing, and he loves flip flops. He came to Busan yesterday wearing flip flops, and to him, they are the most wears ‘training outfits’ (sports wear) a lot, as they are comfortable [Daum]
  • Yoochun said he has cried listening to Junsu sing before, once again proving his hardcore Xiapwa status xD [@si9095]
  • YC said he felt the fundamental, basic charm of film even more while filming Haemoo. Made him more confident that acting was a good decision
  • YC said ‘I love Satoori~’ in Busan satoori ^^ Sounds like ‘Satoori Saranghande-ii [@1215thezurong]
  • YC: Everytime I see…

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