4 Reasons to Watch ‘I Miss You’

the swashbuckler

I love TVXQ!

And while it is a secret, an even bigger secret is that I pretend I love them all, when really I’m biased towards Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu.

Why is it that I pick now to start confessing?

So that you will know why a person who is a sworn enemy of sad stories, melodramas and anything remotely close to tear-jerkers would even consider taking the snot-inducingly sob-fest that was MBC’s Winter drama, “I Miss You.” (보고싶다)


Two words: Park Yoochun! 🙂 (Fine, three if you write that differently.)

The basic premise of the story plot can be described in the clever meme above that I found on Tumblr. I could even stop with that and call this a thorough review of the melodrama. But when did I ever stop when there was words to be spoken, or in this case, typed?

Bogoshipda tells the…

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