23December2014 [VIDEO+TRANS] JYJ’s 2014 Christmas Message




JYJ: Hello! We are JYJ.

YC: Hello~

JYJ: Everyone, Merry Christmas!

Junsu starts singing Silver Bells 

JJ:Go with something more exciting.

YC: Something exciting~

Junsu starts singing Jingle Bells but gets the ‘Jingle All The Way’ part wrong

Song switches to Santa Clause is Coming to Town but Yoochun changes the lyrics to 

YC: Jjajangmyeon is okay, Jjambbong is okay too

Text: Soup noodles NO! Jjangmyeon OK! Excellent Chinese Food Adlib 

JJ: Ah…

Text: Everyone finally realizes Yoochun’s great gag

JJ:We’ve lost our childhood, I knew so many carols when I was young.

YC: What other Christmas songs are there?

JYJ starts singing Jingle Bells again but gets the lyrics wrong

Text: Lyrics are forgotten along with their childhood 

JS: What else is there?

JJ: Icicle~

YC:Silent Night~

YC: What are you gonna do? On a silent night?

JJ: What are you…

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