25December2014 [PRESS PICS] JYJ Japan Dome Tour “Ichigo Ichie” Concert in Fukuoka (Dec 23-24)

201412251131298653612014122511464219946201412260100299780018685120141226010029978001868522014122601002997800186853201412250952172808667_2201412250952172808667_3201412250952172808667_4B5sH2W1CcAIITl2 B5rqO4KCEAAYtl9B5rqO8cCUAEGMmeB5rssqnCMAAYOHlB5rstBECQAMn92L201412250930773425_549b5f692afd9201412250930773425_549b5ef695544859097_156903_3350  Pic credit as tagged

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