[VIDEO + NEWS] 150201 OBS News: Park Yuchun “wanted to find name ‘Park Yuchun’, not Micky Yuchun” (6th KOFRA Film Awards)


Actor Park Yuchun was awarded Best Newcomer Award at ‘KOFRA Films Awards’.

OBS ‘Unique Entertainment News’ captured on camera the faces of honor who were found at the ‘6th KOFRA Films Awards’ ceremony and had shined in the South Korean film industry.

The ‘6th KOFRA Films Awards’ ceremony hosted by Korean Film Reporters Association was held last January 29.

The best actors who shined in the South Korean film industry last year, gathered at the site once more as winners.

Park Yuchun had gave an acceptance speech of the ‘No pain, no gain’ type.

On this day, awarded the Newcomer Award, Park Yuchun position himself as an actor through the film ‘Haemoo/Sea Fog’ and conveyed his thoughts that dismantled the ‘singer-turned-’ title.

Park Yuchun had said, “I had a lot of greed to discover the name ‘Park Yuchun, not ‘Micky Yuchun’. In fact, I think I probably owe it to…

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