[OTHER WEIBO] 150211 Damai Weibo Updates: 2015 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Tour ‘Loving YU’ in Chengdu


 photo 150211damai.png

#2015 park yuchun fanmeeting tour Loving YU in China#
The Chengdu stop on February 14,
We are collaborating with LETV Music(@乐视音乐) for a live broadcast,to sincerely invite you to like #Park Yuchun# and to get together on #Valentine’s Day# with the limited sales of only 6002 [tickets],opening on February 12 at 12 noon sharp。

We will begin selling the live-broadcast tickets on LETV Music(@乐视音乐) [Feb] 12(Thur) at 12:00,there’s a limited sales of 6002,will post the selling link on morning of [Feb] 12。

 photo 7665ac89jw1ep4gdfu7gqj20ku1120vn.jpg
 photo 6741e029jw1ep572adgcpj218g0whgsw.jpg
 photo 7c20c9cdgw1ep5i3l1qlxj20ku11276v.jpg

Translated & Shared by:JYJ3

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