26March2015[TRANS] @star1 Magazine Vol. 37 (April 2015 issue) Interview – Yuchun: You there? Part 2


Do you worry about hair or wardrobe and also your style in the drama?
The staffs know better so, I let them do it for me. Kk~ The experts will know what to do when the time comes so, I’ll just trust them. It’s enough for me to do my part in acting. Except for dieting, I do not have to worry about my outer appearance.

You seem to worry a lot about acting?
I just want to do well. I want to show the different colors of my image…Be it in expressing emotions or the usual acting. Isn’t there something called life acting? I want to do that naturally. “I’ve become familiar!” “I’ve become more heartwarming…” If I’m able to feel that way, that would be great.

It’s spring now. Your routine will revolve very much around filming.
It’s better this way. If I’m no filming then even though…

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