29June2015 [HQ PICS] Park Yuchun at Gimpo Airport Heading to Osaka, Japan (Part 2)


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30 Days of Korean School Lunches


Friends and family often ask what we eat at school, so I decided on a little project. I took daily pictures of my lunch, and I did that for a month… Remember: in the old days, rice was the main meal of the day, and today it still is – it’s eaten with 98% of the meals here (spoiler: you’ll see it in every pic here). All meals are also always accompanied by the ubiquitous kimchi (fermented Korean side dish).

I must admit that many meals don’t look that tasty through these pics, but believe you me, they [usually ;)] are! Even the seaweed soup later on grows on you (health, health, health)… 🙂


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