08June2015 [NEWS/TRANS] Hallyu star who is loved by advertisers – Perfection of Fashion, Park Yuchun…shaking up Asia with the charm of a ‘Sold-Out Male’


Park Yuchun has sold out drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells(shortened ‘TGWSS’)’ advertisements. ‘TGWSS’ has sold off all of its advertisements that was attached with its broadcasts since Episode 5. There is hot interest toward ‘TGWSS’, not only in South Korea but also in China and the United States. This is the effect that’s caused by Park Yuchun’s charm.

Park Yuchun’s Chinese fans caught attention publishing ‘TGWSS’ Park Yuchun’s poster advertisements at many subway stations by the moving population. Park Yuchun was hot as ‘TGWSS’ is being watched in real time and similar ways on video sites in Asia on Wednesday and Thursday nights when he makes his appearance.

Park Yuchun is responsible for a big portion in broadcasting box-office, too. It is due to him fully that ‘TGWSS’ placed No.1 in drama grading section in South Korea, China, the United States and more; with advertisements sold out and such.

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