18June2015 [TRANS] Namgoong Min “Park Yuchun, Shin Se Kyung breathing satisfaction? 100 points ” (Excerpt)

Excerpt from Namgoong Min’s interview mentioning Park Yuchun:

Actor Namgoong Min from the SBS Wed-Thurs drama “The Girl Who Sees Smell” is expressing his gratitude towards Park Yuchun and Shin Se Kyung, breathing with big satisfaction when he was put together with them (working together with them).

Namgoong Min recently conducted an interview with MBN star, “ Park Yuchun, Shin Se Kyung are really good friends. (He consider them as good friends). In terms of satisfaction, it may be referred to as 100 points”, he said.

Namgoong Min said, “In ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’,  I was in charge to make Kwon Jae Hee’s character have a stronger impact. Nevertheless, in the ending, my presence became a little weak.” he said. “Even the building of Park Yuchun’s character at that time do not give me worries and regret. Our team work was very good (extremely good)”  he said directly.

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