[FAN ACCOUNTS] 150622 Yuchun ate at Marutomi Ramen & left his autograph


If you wanted to eat at Marutomi Ramen, you had to line up. There was a reservation call made by Yuchun personally today、and then he came!!!The restaurant also received his sign written on the wall

 photo CIGnpdHUcAA1VHh.jpg
 photo CIGnpdHUEAAI0eL.jpg


Yuchun had ramen, beer, white rice, & Szechwan pickles

 photo CIGnNUtUsAANeku.jpg
 photo CIGnNdwUAAEtA2F.jpg

Info Sources & Pic Credits:hiromicky64 + ma6oo2
Trans & Shared by:JYJ3

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