23July2015 [TRANS] Park Yuchun’s Interview with Japanese Magazine ANAN no. 1964


Around the end of June, somewhere in Shin-Yokohama. When he came into the room, he first said “please take care of me today.” (T/N: more like a polite expression than the literal meaning of it) His warm smile immediately brightened up the whole room. Then he started taking pictures, hummed a song, and joked with the hairstylist, just like an innocent teenager. When the staff praised him “so handsome”, Yuchun turned shy. Showing his handsome form, suddenly, he revealed his cute expression. The staffs would not move from their view. The whole interview was fun.

During the interview, ANAN’s staff said Yuchun doesn’t look like 29 years old. He immediately said, “That’s right” and added “just like a middle-school (high school) student.” The staff frankly replied, not like a middle-school student. Because Yuchun has a sense of humor, the whole interview was relaxed and happy. He doesn’t only “reply”, but…

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