130627 JYJ Membership Week 2013 Opening Ceremony Part 2 (Media – 69 pics)


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27August2015 [OTHER INSTAGRAM] C-JeS Instagram Update: Yuchun before entering training camp

[VIDEO] 입소 전 팬들에게 인사.
그의 훈련소 가는길 심정을 담은 글이
오늘 저녁 9시 페북을 통해 공개 됩니다.
#박유천 #건강하게 #입소

A goodbye to fans before he enters.
A writing including his feeling on his way into training camp
will be revealed in Facebook at 9 PM tonight.
#ParkYuchun #stayhealthy #entering


Yuchun:I’ll go and come back well~~ Bye~


Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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[NEWS] 150821 At the ‘scene of a midsummer night’s guerrilla date’ with Park Yuchun


Singer-cum-actor Park Yuchun at present at a guerrilla date held at Mecenatpolis main square in Seogyo-dong, Seoul on August 20. On this day the progression of Park Yuchun’s guerrilla date had Cultwo’s Jung Chan-woo and Kim Tae-gyun and Song Eun-yi gracing the occasion together with him. Jung Chan-woo and Kim Tae-gyun appeared with Park Yuchun in SBS Wed-Thur drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ and share a bond [T/N: as far back as SBS’s Champagne in 2008]. They showed off their loyalty by being together with him at his last guerrilla date before his enlistment.

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