04August2014 [TRANS] Excerpts: Park Yuchun featured in Women’s Weekly (Shukan Josei/週刊女性)


Being forced to put on the wig and act as a countryside person who just came to Seoul, it’s amusing that people can’t stop laughing. Even producing “chur” this kind of marvelous sound, and the peculiar expression that shows being surprised, it’s simply one that is comparable to any comical figure. Junsu who saw this kind of expression even said: “It’s exactly how the usual Yuchun is.” “Eh, it’s Junsu? Or Jun Sauce?” Don’t know why, but Yuchun specifically corrected it to “Jun Sauce”, smiling while saying it.


The interview wants to know, right now, is the time to get in touch with Yuchun’s inherent qualities – During Yuchun’s interview with Women’s Weekly, from start to finish did he handled it skillfully with ease? Regarding answering questions of the interview all in Japanese, “It won’t do, it won’t do! It’s already the maximum limit!” Although Yuchun said it this way…

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