[INFO] 150806 Park Yuchun “making an appointment with the whole world in August” to be interviewed by Sina Weibo


 photo 150806weibointerview.png


 South Korean male group JYJ member Park Yuchun is about to serve his military service and leave his numerous fans –those who like him and his singing or acting in dramas or movies– temporarily。In order to be able to have the opportunity to communicate and interact together with fans thoroughly before he enters into the army,Park Yuchun especially chose to be interviewed by Weibo on August 13 on Sina Weibo,for Chinese fans to especially interact individually during the time before he joins into the army。Yuchun getting interviewed by Weibo once before he finally enlists,fans must not miss it by all means!To speak inner feelings、to flirt and entice、to show love ardently……it’s all possible!We welcome all his fans to ask your questions~

Interview time:August 13 , 5~6 PM CST

Source: Weibo
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by:JYJ3

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