[OTHER WEIBO] 150818 C-JeS Official Weibo Update: Yuchun & Junsu at 2015 JYJ Membership Week opening


[PHOTOS]#JYJ# #JYJMembershipWeek# 昨日(17日)第4届JYJ Membership Week终于开幕!今年的JYJ会员周博览会以‘时间是…像这样的’的主题来公开至今的JYJ的历史及未公开照片。至到本月30日举行的JYJ Membership Week,今年还会举行通过慈善拍卖后援文化艺术人的活动添加了更成熟的意义。

#JYJ# #JYJMembershipWeek# The 4th JYJ Membership Week finally opened yesterday ([Aug.] 17) ! With the theme ‘Time…will have to keep going on’ at this year’s JYJ Membership exposition, we are going to release JYJ’s past and unreleased photos up to now. Holding JYJ Membership Week running until August 30, this year we also added a more mature sense when we will hold a support function for cultural artists through a charity auction.

JYJ3 Note: There may be error(s) in the translations, please understand.

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