[TRANS] 150827 JYJ Official Facebook Update: Yuchun’s last message before enlistment


 photo 150827cjesjyj-ycstext.png


Hello, it’s Yuchun.

By the time this letter is in your hands, I’ll be at training camp. Umm.. Can I just be casual?(T/N: can I use familiar form? aka banmal)We’ve known each other for a long time now~^^

I didn’t really have any thoughts about enlistment for a while, but as I was doing photo shoots and interviews, I started to realize that I will be serving in the army and wouldn’t be working for a while… I haven’t had a break for a while now.. And once I came to that thought, it became real to me. I knew I had to serve in the military around this time, but when it came, the reality was hard to grasp. I decided not to have any regrets. I heard that many fans asked about what I was regretful about the most, but I thought it’d be better…

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