10September2015 [FULL TRANS] I Plus – Drunken Talk with Park Yuchun


PYC (29 years old) is born to be artist.

In 2003 debut as TVXQ, in 2009 JYJ, in 2010 debut as an actor and so on, he has never failed. He had a glorious debut, and it has been glorious for a long time. During more than 10 years being active, so far has hasn’t had a step back. Especially in the acting field he’s shining even more brightly.

In 2011 at the Baeksang Arts Awards, through “Sungkyungkwan Scandal” he got the Best Newcomer award for TV dramas; In 2015, through the movie “Haemoo” he got the Best Newcomer award for Movies. Being an idole-turn-actor, getting awards for both departments (T/N: dramas and movies) is the first case. When the aftertaste of winning is soon to be vanished, the PYC that I met again looked relaxed. After having finished taking photos for the interview, he quickly changed into cozy clothes, saying…

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