[NEWS] 150713 Park Yuchun Wrapped Up His Fan Meeting In Nagoya


Park Yuchun successfully finished his Nagoya fan meeting.

CJeS Entertainment said, “Park Yuchun held his fan meeting ‘2015 Park Yuchun Fan meeting Japan Tour ‘All About Yu’’ at Nihon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan on July 11 and 12. As he showed everything about him at the event, he fascinated the audience.”

When all the lights were turned off, the fans shouted for Yuchun and he showed up while singing ‘Walking with Her in Spring’. Then, he gave bright smiles to the fans and fans filled up the site with a big applause.

When he sat down, he flashed back all of his previous dramas. Moreover, he disclosed his private pictures and told behind-the-scene stories. He also cooked for the fans in ‘Yuchun’s Kitchen’ corner and appealed his charms through various events with the fans.

Park Yuchun said, “It was a pleasure to visit Nagoya. From now on, I won’t…

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