05 Nov 2015 [INTERVIEW] Sports Chosun: ‘Enlisted in the army’ Park Yuchun leaves his Blue Dragon hand-printing beforehand

 photo 2015110601000521100031301.jpg

The year 2014 was special for ‘actor’ Park Yuchun. His [big] screen debut with movie ‘Sea Fog’. And the Blue Dragon Film Awards’ New Actor award. He emerged as Chungmuro’s rising star in one swallow. The audience saw the the future of Korean cinema in the image of Park Yuchun holding his trophy and recalling the names of people he was thankful to with a flushed expression.

One year’s time has passed and we should find the Blue Dragon Film Awards award ceremony this year in the capacity of winners from the previous year right now, but Park Yuchun enlisted at the end of last August and is in the middle of his public service currently. He will not be attending the hand-printing event on November 5 either. Sorry that he’s leaving his moment of glory in a handprint, we met with Park Yuchun in advance on August 17, ten…

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